Friday, August 15, 2008

Why escape 9-5?

"All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them."- Walt Disney

So why do we need to escape 9-5?

Here are 3 simple reasons:

1. I hate my job, it robs me of two things: TIME and MONEY. The two are closely related and they maybe the most valuable currencies around. So why am I still at it? All I have are excuses of course, and here are a few:

I was born into it- My loving parents put me through school to earn a degree so I can have a "good" and "stable" job just like them. Why? because that's what their parents taught them. Back then it kinda worked, but that is now obsolete.

I don't have enough savings- If i stop working now, how will I eat? where will i live? how can i support a family? blah blah blah blah blah blah... the list goes on.

2. A job/ career will tie you down (probably to a desk or an area) for the remainder of your life. 9-5, 5 days a week, for maybe 40-50 years. That's a lot of time away from your family and friends, time that you can use to watch your children grow, setup a business, or maybe volunteer for a worthwhile cause (I somehow feel that we weren't brought to this earth to file reports, push pencils, or whatever have you). After then, if you're lucky, maybe you can retire and take a vacation or relocate to some retirement community.

3. Your income will be also tied or limited to the amount of work that you put in. A promotion will probably get you a raise AND the commensurate obligation to put in more hours. When you stop working, you stop getting paid and you suddenly can't enjoy the lifestyle that you became accustomed to. If you stop working at an older age with only a thin margin of savings, expect to find difficult times ahead.

That's enough gloom and doom for today, i will start writing on the How's of escaping our 9-5 on the next post. 'Til then..

Train hard and live strong..


Melanie Magno said...

Now, how in the world can we escape a 9-to-5 job when the money that we earn bring more clothes into our closets; foods that we devour with much gusto; and rare luxuries like taking small vacations? Can't wait for your next blog.

escaping9-5 said...

I'll be talking about the HOWS in the next post dear.. =) thanks for readin'