Thursday, August 14, 2008

escaping 9-5

I just recently erased ALL of my previous posts. Why? because they are so fcukin BORING! Im new at blogging and didn't quite know when too much is being written for the good of the readers so from now on, I'll keep it short and direct to the point.

This blog- I will keep this blog focused on my quest for FINANCIAL FEEDOM. Freedom from 9-5, freedom from bosses, freedom from working for money's sake. For me, financial freedom would mean having PASSIVE INCOME that will support the lifestyle that i want. Basic, right? Now boys and girls, remember that PASSIVE INCOME is income that we generate automatically, without lifting a finger, without 9-5.

Now how in the world can we create passive income? simple! but not necessarily easy. There are three ways that i know of, and they are:
1. Real Estate - Rental income from real estate comes in automatically month after month, year after year.
2. MUSE- This is a term used by timothy ferriss (google him) to describe businesses that run on autopilot. The owners have no part in the business operations because they are probably busy backpacking in europe, skiing in the alps, or getting a tan in some remote island paradise. -nice!
3. Investing - Particularly in stocks. Pick a real winner at the right time and get ready for the fast track.

The quest begins!

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