Sunday, April 19, 2009


The stockmarket, in my personal opinion, is not for everyone. Many people think that it is a magical money making machine that makes people wealthy with minimal effort and time. It is not! It is a vehicle by which proper study, patience, and discipline are applied to take advantage of the vast opportunities that it presents. The rewards are high but so are the risks. In the end, it all boils down to mastery of the market and of yourself. You need to put in the required discipline and study if you do not want to lose your shirt, or even worse, the roof over your head. 

It is as if by fate that I chanced upon this article this morning because I was planning to write on this topic today 

The guy in the article is my boss. His story is true and that is why I currently work for him. His story is nothing short of amazing and I would like to follow his footsteps in building amazing wealth through the stockmarket. I think my boss, however, has changed a lot since his college-dropout days; aside from being richer than he ever dreamed possible, HE NOW WORKS HARD/ER. I think this is his secret. He reads voraciously, trades at least 3 markets, runs the stockbrokerage, trains traders, attends meetings, etc.  

I'll stop here for now.. wait for part 2 on stockmarket investing.

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